TrueVine Chiropractic – 1st Experience from True Vine Chiropractic on Vimeo.

Dr. Kevin Kustarz grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA and graduated with B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. Although Dr. Kevin has been getting adjusted since he was three, it wasn’t until he started working at a chiropractic office, while he was at school, did he decide that this was his passion.

“I remember seeing life change, after life change coming into the office. I was seeing people with asthma, diabetes, migraines, ear infections and whole lot more get better. After seeing so many people’s lives change, I knew that I had my mission in life; to teach the world about the power of specific scientific chiropractic care. Ever since then, I have had this passion in my heart to let people know that there is still hope, and everything you need to be healthy is inside of you right now, waiting to be unleashed.”