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I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for several years. After meeting Dr. Kevin and learning from him how chiropractic care could help me, I started coming to see him. Previously, I was a skeptic but the education Dr. Kevin provided allowed me to understand how my body was made to function.

My results have been phenomenal! My body is feeling so much better, neck and shoulder pain is gone, my thyroid medication has even been reduced. I have more energy and I believe in what Dr. Kevin does so much that I volunteer in his office every Friday.

I continue to be adjusted to protect myself from slipping back into the pain I had in the past. The investment in my health is so worth while.

– Glynis M.

I was involved a car accident and was experiencing pain in my neck. When I met Dr. Kevin, I knew he would be able to help me. He is one of the most caring and passionate health care providers I have met and I was confident in his abilities.

Not only do I feel 100% better and have returned to my normal activities but I have learned A LOT after being a patient here. Dr Kevin is big into education which is so important! I now understand the importance of chiropractic care. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves as long as our spine is in correct alignment.

Even though I am FEELING better, I want to STAY better. I want to make sure my body is functioning at an optimal level at all times and that “my power stays on” ☺

– Holly W.

I came under Dr. Kevin’s care after suffering from neck pain for over 30 years.  My range of motion was severely limited.

Dr. Kevin’s approach was gentle and effective. My range of motion is markedly improved  and overall I am feeling better.

I will continue under his care so that I remain healthy and well.

– Jeffrey M.

I was in a car accident in May of 2013. I knew I needed chiropractic help and came under Dr Kevin’s care.  Little did I know, many of the health problems I had been having were due to the subluxations in my back and neck.

Since being under Dr. Kevin’s care, I have had minimal sinus infections, no more migraines and my throat has gotten better for singing.  The neck pain is gone and my acid reflux and greatly improved.

I continue to go to get adjusted because I notice when I don’t, things just start to build up and I want to continue to live and healthy life.

– Kimberly P.

My husband started seeing Dr. Kevin and once I saw how much better he was feeling, I decided to come under his care as well.

Since I started, I have more energy and I just feel better. I don’t feel achy and stiff any longer.

Also, I have had bad allergies for years and since coming under Dr. Kevin’s care, I haven’t needed to take my allergy medicine which I used to take every day.

– MaryAnn W.

I suffered from low back and sciatic pain due to a car accident years back.  The pain was never-ending and progressively became worse. I unfortunately learned how to ignore the pain so I could live a “normal” everyday life. I decided that was no way to live, so I came to see Dr. Kevin.

I cannot explain in such a short amount of space how chiropractic care has changed my life. Before, my pain was affecting my mental and physical state as well as jeopardizing my career as a personal trainer. Chiropractic has almost completely eliminated my pain in only 3 ½ months and has given me new skip in my step…..literally!

I continue with care because I want to remain pain free. The staff is wonderful, always knowledgable and they’ve given me my health back.

– Rachele L.


Chiropractic Care Palm Beach & Martin Counties
Chiropractic Care Palm Beach & Martin Counties
Chiropractic Care Palm Beach & Martin Counties

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When family members are constantly sick and suffering, it puts a strain on the family unit.
Pain and sickness can steal joy from our lives, so we believe that as families grow healthy together, they also grow closer together as a unit.

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