Our Beliefs

We believe that our health is our #1 asset in life.

We live in a society that sacrifices its health for monetary gain in the first part of their lives, and later spends their finances in order to try to regain their health. Unfortunately, health does not work like that. Every investment you make today has large returns later in life. At True Vine Chiropractic, we teach our practice members how to make better investments in their health, which is the foundation to their whole lives. It does not matter how much money we have if we are unable to enjoy it and to do the things we love. While it is best to start early, do not despair – it is never to late to start investing into your life!

We believe we are healthy by choice, not by chance.

We are consistently told that our health problems come from either genetics or bad luck, and that once we are sick, the best we can do is control and cover up symptoms. At True Vine Chiropractic, however, we know that there is always a cause for health problems, and that the best way to heal is to find and correct the cause.

We believe that the absence of symptoms does not mean the presence of health.

This truth is seen when people unexpectedly and tragically pass away from heart attacks or other illnesses. It is also evident when others are diagnosed with a fatal disease, even though they were symptom free. At True Vine Chiropractic, we know that health is much more than just being symptom free. Too many times, our society will wait until they have a symptom to take action. Only 8-12% of the nerves in your body can sense pain, so waiting until you are in pain or expressing symptoms is waiting too long. We know that the nervous system is the master control system of the body, and that any interference in the nervous system disrupts the body’s ability to heal.

We concentrate on making sure that you have a nervous system that is working properly at all times. We do this through removing those interferences, which are called subluxations. For more information on subluxations, click here. We believe that it is better to raise healthy children than it is to fix broken adults.

We know that sick kids become sick adults.

That is why one of our passions at True Vine Chiropractic is checking and adjusting children. We use extremely specific and gentle adjustments to make sure the children in our office are healthy and strong, giving them a solid foundation to grow up on. Click here for a testimony of a child under care.

We believe that a healthy family is a strong family.

When family members are constantly sick and suffering, it puts a strain on the family unit. Pain and sickness can steal joy from our lives, so we believe that as families grow healthy together, they also grow closer together as a unit.

Our Mission

To empower our families to reach their health goals naturally, without the use of drugs and surgery.