Today in America, too much of our society is based on fear.  Just look at a lot of the advertising going on right now. It is not uncommon for an advertisement to even come out and say “If you do not get checked for diagnosis X or treated early with drugs for other diagnosis X, you will probably die.”  Mothers are looked down on and scolded for having natural births and not giving their children vaccines, and God forbid someone you know gets cancer.  I have been in conversations where people have been told that if the don’t get chemo therapy and radiation they will die, and there is no chance for anything else to work.

This is all part of a greater problem I see.  We have lost faith in the power that God gave us to heal and be healthy.  We were all created to be healthy and the best drug store is the one inside of each of us.  Every time you put a drug into your body, it disrupts part of the normal mechanisms of the body.  Taking a drug to heal is not very effective; it has been shown in research that Advil actually slows down the healing process.  It may help you feel better, but health isn’t about how you feel, it is about how you heal!

When you have 100% life flowing from your brain to your body, you have the best chance to heal properly.  It also helps give you the peace of mind to trust your symptoms, and to know that your body is function at its optimal potential.  It is not always a wise idea to lower a fever artificially, or stop your body from expressing the symptoms of health.  All of those symptoms and mechanisms were designed in your body for a reason.  So there is no reason to fear symptoms and pain. That is what keeps us alive!

My purpose as your chiropractor is make sure your life force is flowing without interference from above, down, inside, and out so that you can have the confidence to trust your symptoms and live a life without fear of sickness and disease.  As a principled chiropractor I never add anything or take anything from your body.  I simply remove the interference so the drug store inside of you can work properly.

Faith triumphs over fear every time!