Almost everyone says that health is their biggest asset.  For example when a mom is pregnant and she is asked about what sex she wants the baby to be, her response is almost always, “I don’t care just as long as the baby is healthy.”

So if health is the biggest asset we have, what is the definition of health?  The scary part is that I can ask a room of 20 people that same question and get 20 different answers!  Most of the definitions are some version of “health is when I fell good and am out of pain.”  Although that is the most common answer, it is a very flawed thought process that in my opinion is a contributing factor in America’s healthcare crisis.

Symptoms are not a good indicator of health! Five out of six people with heart disease or cancer have no symptoms.  The have no symptoms, but are definitely not healthy.   In the same light symptoms are actually good things.  For example, look at a fever.  A fever is the body’s natural defense against foreign invaders.  It strengthens the immune system during an infection and helps to build protection for future infections, among other things.  So does it make sense to artificially lower a fever?  NO!

Health is how you function! Your nervous system is the master control system of the whole body and controls and coordinates the function of the body!  So since that is true it makes sense that in order to reach optimal health, it is extremely important to have a properly functioning nervous system.   That is my goal as you chiropractor; we remove the interference in your nervous system so that you can reach optimal health.   It is that simple.