The Answer is You

The presidential election is over and one of the first items to be tackled is the issue of our health care system, especially as it relates to our health insurance. Yet cheaper health insurance will change very little in our health care system. Why? Because cheaper insurance does not lead to better health.

The Problem:

Here is the trick insurance companies play: although each company calls it health insurance, they do not actually care about your health! Health insurance companies care about your health as much as life insurance cares about your life, or as much as your car insurance cares about how your car is functioning.  A better name for health insurance is SICK insurance. The only time you can use it is when you are ill!

Health insurance will cover blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and anxiety pills. When was the last time your health insurance paid for a gym membership in order to help get your off those blood pressure drugs naturally? Or for organic food that will help you lower your cholesterol? Or for an anxiety relieving massage and yoga class?  All of these things promote HEALTH, healing and optimal function, but none are covered by health insurance.

The Solution:

If lower cost health insurance will not lead to better health, then what is the key solution to the health care crisis?  It is actually very simple, although not easy. The answer is to take ownership of our own health and to take action!  As long as we keep relying on others for our well being, or blaming our circumstances, we will continue be one of the sickest counties in the world. The only thing that will make a difference is if we each take personal accountability today. We need to be preventative in our health, rather than reactive.

Each of us can do something to make a health change in a positive direction! Set some goals and take action. One example is to eat a salad instead of pasta. Go for a walk instead of binge watching your favorite show. Schedule a consultation with your chiropractor to find out what is causing your problems. If you need some help with setting and achieving health goals, I wrote a great article about that topic here. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate. Take action today to take control of your health!

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