We live in a society where everywhere we look there is an opportunity to invest time and resources.  Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.  How many times have you heard the words, “this will change your life?”  Should we be investing it in real-estate, the stock market, or starting a business.  Or should we be spending that money on Starbucks, vacations, nice cars, and nice houses.  The opportunities are endless! So what should we do?

There is one investment that will always give you a high return.  There is one investment that is low risk.  There is one investment that will actually “Change your life.”  The investment I am talking about is your HEALTH.  Without your health, it doesn’t matter where you go on vacation, what kind of car you drive, or how much money you have.

We have been trained in our society to invest our health into making money at a young age, then spend all that money (and more) to try and regain our health back later in our lives.  The thought process of, “I’ll just deal with the consequences later,” is a major destructive process in America’s health care.  Especially because all too often, “later,” happens a lot sooner than expected.  There are even some financial advisers who will tell their clients to cut back on high quality food, gym memberships, and preventative care in order to become debt free.  There is no such thing as health debt!

Nobody puts on their 30 year goals, I want to be in a nursing home. But, how many people are in the nursing homes down here in South Florida?  They are full! So many people in those homes saved their money so they could retire and live the life of their dreams, but when retirement came, their health went away.  That process didn’t happen over night either, the process was slow and steady and was the accumulation of the actions they took over their whole life.

Small things make a big difference, small investments compound over time. The money that you spend today on your health will come back 100 fold later in life.  Spending time and money on healthy choices today is the best gift we can all give to our families.  Don’t sacrifice when it comes to making healthy choices.  Buy high quality foods, take the time to cook that food, spend some time actually go to that gym you are a member at, and don’t skimp out on your wellness chiropractic care.  It costs less money to stay healthy then it does to regain your health.  Just ask for an itemized bill the next time you go to the hospital.